The best interior designs for 2017

There are trends in interior design just as there are trends in fashion, and for those of us who view the home as more than just a place to eat and sleep, it is important to try to stay on top of what is popular. Interior trends are not about just keeping up with the Joneses, however; they are also a way of making the home more about us.


For some time, one popular interior design trend has been that of bringing nature inside the home. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. One popular approach is placing potted plants and cut flowers in key, decorative positions around the home, but the theme is now also being carried through to artwork. Instead of classic artwork, for example, it is now fashionable to hang digital prints of photographed flora on the walls, whether it is as a standalone piece or a diptych or triptych. A far more impactful choice is to use digital print wallpaper of plants, trees and flowers on just one wall of a room to create a stunning backdrop or feature wall. As far as real flora is concerned, the cacti is set to be this year’s most popular potted plant.


Industrial themes are also very enjoying tremendous popularity right now. Making a strong, dramatic point, industrial interior design is not for everyone, but it can be an expressive and economic design style. Industrial themes include leaving walls unplastered so that brickwork is on show or leaving steel and wood framework on display. Industrial furniture, such as workmen’s stools and cabinetry, is another very popular and uncommon means of furnishing a room.


Vintage has been a favorite for several years and is a wonderful vehicle for those who like to inject a little originality and quirkiness into their homes. Its soft, often pastel, color palette makes it an excellent design choice for rooms that want to be welcoming and fashionable yet remain sophisticated. A vintage interior can be achieved with patterned wallpapers, such as a damask design, glass or metal light fittings and impactful window dressings.

For vintage, minimalist is not an option, so always team blinds with a framing pair of curtains, or opt for trendy window shutters, either on their own or with a pair of curtains. Shutters come in a variety of styles, from top-to-bottom shutters to half, café style shutters to solid paneled shutters, so you can choose which suits your requirements best in terms of privacy and air flow.


Maps are hugely popular in interior design now and have the advantage of being both decorative and educational. There are several ways you can incorporate maps into your design style. For example, you can put up map wallpaper or a digital print/decal to make a feature wall, frame a smaller map for wall art, or even lay a map over a table top to create a distinctive coffee or side table. You could also place a small decal on a square piece of cork and create map coasters.

Technological furniture

One design trend that is sure to please the technology geek in all of us is stylish furniture with built-in technology. These design choices are not going to be cheap, but built-in technology will be more pleasing to the eye than separate pieces. Still very much in its early stages, the technological furniture that is available right now includes cabinets housing speaker systems, beds that contain media equipment operated by remote control, or standalone media equipment that is designed to make a very definitive visual statement.


Perhaps one of the most significant design trends for this year is the desire people have for bespoke furniture, fixtures and fittings. Experts say that even floors and walls are being personalized in ways that were formerly reserved for furniture. Personalization in these areas refers to choices with in-set lighting, shapes, colors and designs.


Upholstery is making a comeback, especially in the bedroom. Wooden frame beds were once all the rage, but now the upholstered headboard has become a way to create a focal point in the bedroom and make a big statement. With so many choices available, from leather to velvet and buttoned-down or stitched, the upholstered headboard is also a means of adding texture and color and thereby increasing the feeling of comfort and luxury.

Being aware of the latest interior design trends allows us to reevaluate our homes and continue to enhance and upgrade them to make them stylish and comfortable so we can create a place where we want to spend most of our time.

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